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How to buy a dog
We want to have a dog at home

The intention is not alien to many people. But the intention must be well thought out because it is a contract signed at least 12 - 14 years and even longer - much less more live dogs.

Many people take lightly the decision of purchasing dog and leading to the victims of human callousness that land on the street or in shelters.

Buying a dog must be well thought out and accepted by other family members, since this involves a great responsibility, as well as maintenance costs.

We need to think about whether we can save enough time to regularly walk the dog for a walk, feed him, give him medical care.

We can not forget about our plans for the holidays - what do we do with a dog

If we are still committed to the pooch at home, we need to think about what it takes to be a dog.

small, medium, large, purebred or mongrel, puppy, or rearing, female or male. In taking such a decision can help us to such questions such as "if you want a dog to hunt?" "Can our children to have a playmate?", or perhaps a faithful friend

specific questions like that we can find breeders but where?.

best sources of information are compounds NCO, where we ask for the addresses of breeders, and what days are held meetings of the breed that interests us.

did so we can go to talk to other breeders of a chosen one of our future, about the problems of rearing and about many other curiosities.

From the breeder

What should draw our attention:

First of all, cleanliness of the premises of dogs, dog behavior towards the owner, often a puppy he can show his behavior as it treats the breeder whether the dog is giving him confidence and afraid of him.

should ask as many questions regarding the right odchowaniem puppy.

good breeder should also find out where and under what conditions the puppy will live and should take care of "instructions" for rearing and care of the dog.

From the animal shelter

We do exactly the same steps as in the breeder and even more since they are the dogs once or twice abandoned so we have to know what emotional state is selected by our dog.

It is important to us in order to properly wrap your pet care.

Puppy or adult?

Mostly everybody says it does not really matter. However, between a dog and a bitch is a difference. The dog is independent, sharp, rakish can mean almost everywhere terrain. It may disappear for a few days when the close is a bitch in heat. As a consequence, may return bitten by other admirers, or may be complaints from the neighbors, that our pet can not sleep because people just because of female howling at night. The female is more delicate and attached to the man but unfortunately the two times a year in heat is called. in heat which attracts the surrounding dogs, the bitch in heat being messy at home, unfortunately, because in this period, with blood stains. Veterinarians recommend appropriate injection or sterilization to avoid such problems. I recommend special panties, and camouflage deodorant smell.

Male or female?

most appropriate moment changes in your home a puppy is age 8-12 weeks, the puppy is when it is most vulnerable to changes in environment and quickly agrees to new owners. This is good because the new owner can form your new pet that will please both parties. However, this requires a lot of work and time, sometimes whole months.

If you decide on a dog at the age of 5-6months need to find out whether the dog is healthy or not he had some bad experiences with people or dogs, or not committed any error in the rearing, because it may adversely affect its character. Which in turn can give either an aggressive dog, or a startled-posikującego at the sight of man or dog.

Nutrition and Health

The first few days after the dog for a new home it is recommended to apply the same diet that you eat so far. A sudden change in diet is harmful to the puppy may end up as useless as a result of diarrhea that quickly leads to dehydration.

Plan feeding puppies:

puppies 8-10 weeks:

  1. meal: h. 7.00. Rice porridge or semolina milk in the summer, every two days cooked soft-boiled egg or a broken raw egg yolk in milk.
  2. meal: h. 11 00. Semi-fat meal, chicken breast with rice and vegetables with a little broth. Aliquots of broth cooked very soft and ground through meat grinder with carrots and rice.
  3. meal: h. 14.00. Dry food is dissolved in chicken broth with minced meat with the bone.
  4. meal: h. 18.00. Semi-fat meal: cottage cheese with white rice or semolina cooked in milk. Rice cooked with two soft-boiled eggs drenched in milk.
  5. meal: h. 21.00. Semi-fat meal lean beef with rice and vegetables with a little broth. Aliquots of broth cooked very soft and ground through meat grinder with carrots and rice.
  6. puppies four-served only four times a day, the last meal is between 18-19, it should be the main meal.

    dogs aged 5-6 months are fed three times a day, once the boys are older we subtract one meal.

    dog at the age of one and a half years to two years should be fed twice a day. The first meal should get after a morning walk when I rest.

    bowl with food and drink should be placed on the platform, so that the dog is not bent down to eat as it leads to different curvatures of the legs and spine.

    Vitamins: Salvikal, calcium phosphate, Vitamin A D3 E.


  • 6 weeks of age. Against distemper, parwowirozie.
  • 8 weeks of age. Triple vaccination against distemper, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis. Note the corresponding entry in the vaccination book.
  • 12 weeks of age. Vaccination triple or quadruple.
  • 16 weeks of age. Vaccination triple or quadruple.
  • 20 weeks of age. Vaccination against rabies.
  • 1 year old. The first repeat vaccinations. Vaccination quad.

Further vaccination repeated every year against leptospirosis and rabies, and every two years against distemper and hepatitis. We can not forget the regular odrobaczaniu dogs from puppyhood. Suitable means we can handle a doctor who will lead us to the dog.

Note the corresponding entry in the book.

Plan of deworming puppies

  • two weeks of life
  • four weeks of life
  • 8 weeks of age
  • Each month a year
  • adult dogs every three months - at least twice a year

Why weredeworming our dogs?

dog who is ill, losing weight and may even fall ill, his hair will look bad, it will be dull.

If you take the hands of children infected by nematodes dog may happen that the eggs of these parasites can cling to the skin, transform into larvae and drilling in the child's body, it can lead to serious disease.

tapeworms may occur in dogs constantly, so we need to remember against the intermediate hosts such as dog fleas and other parasites.

meat cooked to be given to dogs because it can be bąblowce small tapeworms that infect humans.


course we can not forget about your pet's coat care and hygiene.


puppy get used to brush and comb, but that puppy is not alienated because later combing the sight of the brush will be escaped. Dogs generally love to comb. Regardless of your dog's coat should be combed and brushed daily.

first brush firmly against the grain of the skin to improve blood flow and simultaneously remove the old damaged hair, then comb the hair along the back and longer hair on the neck, behind the ears and legs (especially rear legs), around the anus and tail, as this is the most exposed to space for felting the hair. Dogs can swim but not more frequently than every six to eight weeks, the dogs do not sweat so their fur does not get dirty too quickly under normal conditions.

Of course, if your dog ubrudzi while walking to the extent that it does not help wiping with a damp cloth when we bathe him, this is not a big problem because our market is a very wide range of animal care with special conditioners to protect hair. But we must remember freezing while bathing your ears and eyes to prevent unnecessary inflammation.

Dog First Aid Kit

  • Salvikal vitamin
  • thermometer to measure temperature
  • Natrium
  • Chloratum eyewash
  • carbon tablets
  • claw scissors
  • Pipette
  • gauze dressing
  • wool, cotton buds to clean ears
  • Iodine
  • of deworming tablets
  • bandage
  • Shampoo

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